erin-cliffords-grandparentsGrowing up Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday of the year. It was my Grandma Betty’s holiday and holds some of my favorite memories. My Grandma cooked us up a feast from scratch and would bake cookies for me out of her famous pie crust. And all of the cousins would laugh and sneak out across the street to go shopping at Zayer’s.

My Momma Joan always says that Thanksgiving is her most cherished holiday because it’s not about the presents and I agree. It’s about spending time with the ones you love and appreciating all of the wonderful things you are blessed to have in your life, as well as honoring those who are no longer with us.

Each year my family begins our meal by telling each other what we are most grateful for. Here are a few of mine and Gatsby’s.

This Thanksgiving I am grateful for:
Gatsby: my best buddy who always makes me smile
Family: who is always there for me to share my joys and sorrows no questions asked
Friends: (you know who you are): you are drama free and always have the best intentions for me and those around you
Susan and all the Superior Pilates girls: not only do I love pilates for my body but it gives me a sense of peace and I love being around such positive, amazing women
Neighborhood: love my neighborhood grocery haunt where I can pick up anything in a pinch to make a home cooked meal, my favorite corner boutique with weekly sales, and my Momma only lives a few blocks away!

Here is what Gatsby is grateful for this Thanksgiving:
Family: I love my Momma, as well as Joani, who gives me hugs and treats, and Bob, who always drops off his “Prince” leftover chicken
Gil: who is not only my dog walker and caretaker, but one my best friends
Neighborhood: there’s a big park a block away to chase squirrels and a pet store with homemade treats across the street
Lincolnshire Animal Hospital: especially Dr. Sutkay who takes excellent care of me whether it’s a tummy ache or a bag of plastic rings pops I just ate!!
Swimming: nothing makes me more happy than swimming up in Wisconsin or at the dog beach

Happy Thanksgiving!

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