As all you rockstars know around the holidays your schedule fills up exponentially. Between work parties, family and friend gatherings, present shopping, children’s pageants, not to mention your regular life activities, it can become quite overwhelming. I recently asked one of my girlfriends what she was up to this weekend and I almost needed a vacation hearing about her plans! So what’s a lady to do?!

Give yourself permission to hit your inner “No Button.” I truly understand this sounds scary to many of you. As women we never want to disappoint anyone and always feel obligated to show up no matter what. This is an area where I personally struggle, so much so, that for Christmas a few years ago my co-workers gave me a symbolic “No Button” that says “NO” 20 different ways!

After all, you cannot be everything to everyone and you will not be able to shine as the amazing rockstar that you are if you do not put your mental and physical health first. Therefore, make sure you are giving yourself enough you time or your body will pay the price through stress, weight gain and illness. Over time I’ve realized that my family and true friends understand if I need a night off.

Therefore, when you start to feel overwhelmed this month skip one event for a relaxing evening at home with your pup to recharge. You can even checkout our Holiday Survival Guide to where you can buy it filled with lots of fun activities and recipes you can enjoy together.

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