As we all gear up for the big game, you may be planning your own soiree or attending one where a doggy will be joining in the festivities. As the drinks keep coming, we all know it can be tempting to give the drooling doggy a taste of the yummy fare.

Here are a few dos and don’ts along with some shareable recipes. Remember even the safe foods need to be shared in small amounts. And if you are a guest, make sure you ask the Momma for permission first.

Do Share These Foods With Your Dog

Vegetable Platter: Vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumber, asparagus and bell peppers are nutrient-packed treats for your dog. Be wary of raw broccoli and cauliflower as some pups tolerate it better steamed or pureed.

Fruit Platter: In moderation, fruits can be a healthy sweet treat for your pup. Be sure the piece is unseeded. BUT do not share toxic grapes or raisins with your dog which often come on fruit plates.

Cheese and Meat Platter: If your pup is not lactose intolerant, hard cheese can be a protein packed treat, along with a slice of nitrate-free turkey, ham or roast beef. Be careful to avoid the spicy sausages.

You can also make the following shareable recipes that your guests will enjoy too:

Avoid Giving These Foods to Your Dog

Alcohol: It goes without saying that you dog should never consume alcohol of any kind. Period.

Meats with Bones: Buffalo wings or any meats containing bones should be avoided. Not only do many of these dishes contain sauces and spicy ingredients, your dog could easily chock on a bone or swallow it.

Fatty Dips and Dressings: Taco dip, bean dip, ranch dip, guacamole (avocados are toxic), salsa, queso, hummus, and so on… Many of these items contain ingredients that may be harmful to your pup and do not support a healthy waistline.

Snack Foods: Snacks such as chips, pretzels, cheese puffs and crackers contain salt and many processed ingredients. While a simple whole wheat cracker may not harm your pup, it is still advisable to pass as our pups were not meant to eat these foods.

Sandwiches: Meat dishes, such as meatballs, pulled pork, sloppy joes, tacos and subs should be avoided. While the meat alone may be safe, the spicy sauces, dressings and mayonnaises are loaded with sugar, fat and wreak havoc on your pup’s GI system. The dish may also contain harmful ingredients, like onion and garlic.

Pizza: While your pup should not eat pizza (hear that Gatsby), Pizza Bites can be a special treat for your pup.

Nuts: While unsweetened peanut butter is a healthy treat for your dog, some nuts (such as macadamia nuts and walnuts) can be dangerous. Party mixes also contain salt and unhealthy oils (corn, sunflower and soybean).

Dessert: Chocolate is very toxic, as well as candy, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecake, etc. Having said that, you can always make your pup some homemade biscuits and shape them as footballs. Search our blog for safe treat recipes and tips.

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