Our newest Rockstar Doggy Momma feature is Naomi Shockey! Read her story of how she became a Rockstar Doggy Momma!

Tell us the story of how you became a doggy momma! Did something in your life happen that influenced you to get your doggy? I first became a doggy momma to Buddy when I was a junior in high school and living in a foster home. Buddy was a mixed breed of a German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees. He was supposed to be a gift for my foster mother who had lost her dog shortly before that but he only wanted to be by my side and no one else’s. So, he kind of picked me I guess. He must have known how much I really needed him. 🙁

He stuck by my side through everything. We went on many adventures and road trips together. He was my shadow following me from room to room and was loved very much by all three of my kids and husband. He died this past August, he was 14. We were heartbroken.

I became a doggy momma to Dori a little over a year ago when I saw her story and picture come across my Facebook newsfeed. She was being taken care of by the Haven of The Ozarks no Kill Sanctuary. It broke my heart to hear about Dori. Even though the Haven loved her and took good care of her it was heartbreaking to know that she was there for so long and no one had adopted her in the 11 years she lived at the Haven. After seeing her story on Facebook I just wanted to go get her and give her a home. I knew with Buddy being a senior himself and how laid back he was that we had to at least try and see if it would work. She was a couple hours away from us but we usually make a trip to Branson over Labor Day weekend to camp so we decided we would go over Labor Day weekend to go meet her instead. We have length-wise mirrors in the house and when we first brought her home she use to look at herself in the mirror and get in a fight with herself. I think she was jealous of all that beauty.

She fit right in and now she’s my shadow at home. She occasionally comes up to me and nudges me. She’s laid back and naps a lot but loves to go out for walks and doesn’t mind car rides.

What is the #1 thing you love about being a doggy momma? I love being a doggy momma. Dogs love unconditionally. I love seeing my dog happy and tail wagging. I love it when a dog has a little happy dance – it melts my heart.

Let’s talk momma/doggy health! What do you do together to stay happy and healthy? To stay happy and healthy we take family walks together. I really feel that it’s important for dog owners to get out and walk their dogs. It makes them happy and gives them something to look forward to and provides stimulation for them. I mean who wants to just stay inside all the time or the same environment? I don’t and I don’t believe they do either. Dogs love to sniff things and explore.

What are your favorite health and/or pet products that you cannot live without?
Our favorite dog treats are the Greenies for teeth and the Blue Health Bars Biscuits with Apple and Yogurt.

What is the biggest gift you have experienced being a doggy momma? The biggest gift from being a doggy momma would be the unconditionally love and companionship a dog gives. They seem to be pretty good listeners too.

Pet products you can’t live without? Peanut butter, coconut oil, and pumpkin.

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