Tell us the story of how you became a doggy momma! Did something in your life happen that influenced you to get your doggy? Our beloved 13-year-old boxer, Boss, had a stroke and had to be euthanized in May 2014. We decided to wait awhile to adopt another dog. Early in July 2014, I lost my mom, very unexpectedly. I told my husband on the day that she died that I needed a puppy. We found his (Jules) litter through a rescue and we were able to take him home a few weeks later. Being a teacher, I was off work for the summer and had a lot of time to think and mourn. Taking care of a young puppy helped me navigate through those early months of grief. I believe that we have a special bond because of my vulnerability and emotional trauma so early in his life. He is my heart dog. 

What is the #1 thing you love about being a doggy momma? Being a mom of older human boys, I love and appreciate the fact that my fur boy is always my constant companion. Whether I am having a lazy day on the couch, or trail running or hiking, Jules is always by my side. He is always up for a walk, a training session, or a ride in the car. He truly is my best friend!

Let’s talk momma/doggy health! What do you do together to stay happy and healthy? We are currently participating in the Couch to 5K workout program. Our goal is to be able to run an entire 5K after 8 weeks. We are doing well and on week 4. We get out about 4-5 times a week and walk/run at least 3 miles. We also love to visit the dog park. Jules gets playtime with other fur kids and I get to walk laps around the park. Jules also goes to daycare on a weekly basis to keep him socialized and to help get him additional exercise. As far as eating goes, Jules LOVES his veggies! Carrots and potatoes (any kind) are his favorite. When he hears me getting out the cutting board, he is in the kitchen waiting for scraps to fall.

What is the biggest gift you have experienced being a doggy momma? Unconditional love, 100% of the time. He seems to know if I’m depressed or in a bad mood, hanging right by me but laying low. If I’m excited, he’s excited too. He is the best companion.

What are your favorite health and/or pet products that you cannot live without? Nylabone’s and bully sticks! They last a long time and keep him busy when he’s bored.

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