Rockstar Doggy Momma Community

rockstar_doggy_momma_communityRockstar Doggy Momma (RDM) is a healthy lifestyle community focused on influencing women to have the freedom to live—and rock!—their lives with their pups.

If you stop and think about it, there’s one family member who always understands you—your doggy! No matter what is going on in your life, he or she provides you with unconditional love, hugs, smiles, and companionship.

Healthy Doable Habits + Your Doggy by Your Side + RDM Community = Healthy Lifestyle

Through the RDM community, you’ll learn lots of fun ways to connect with your pup through cooking, exercise, and community. And, of course, we’ll get you into those skinny jeans too. 🙂

We are busy ladies who want to have it all. But how in the world can you get everything checked off your to-do list and still look great? How can you have time to be a Rockstar and look like a Rockstar? Well, it’s possible. The founder of RDM, Erin Clifford, has mastered balancing work as an attorney and nutritional counselor, while still making her mental and physical health a priority, not to mention spending time with her loved ones and of course, her dog Gatsby! Through the RDM community, you will learn all of Erin’s healthy secrets. After all, RDM is all about EFFICIENCY and convenience in life planning. It’s about fitting in everything in a no fuss way, whether it’s healthy eating, exercise, work, friends, or family. What a load off your shoulders!

Through the Rockstar Doggy Momma Community, you will get:
  • Monthly group coaching call
  • Access to a private, virtual community to post questions and interact with other Rockstar Doggy Mommas
  • Free coaching call with Erin when you join on as a new member
  • Member only newsletters with health-related tips
  • Weekly health-related lessons
  • Guides to support you in your journey
  • Access to private webinars on how to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Recipes specifically created for you and your furry friend
  • Opportunity to enter exciting contests
  • A virtual community of other women who want to be healthy, just like you
  • And much, much more!

Conquering your life planning will leave you stress-free. Not to mention spending quality time with your pooch can help you focus on the here and now and not worry so much about all of life’s stresses that are beyond your control. After all, dogs live in the moment and do not worry about what happened yesterday or what might take place tomorrow. They are mindful and appreciate the joy of the present. We have a lot to learn from our furry friends.

We invite you to join the Rockstar Doggy Momma community!
Only $79.99 / month!

This is a healthy lifestyle community for you—and your furry friend!—to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.