“With their loyalty and love,
they continue to follow us on silent paws.”

Today is World Memorial Pet Loss Day and it has me thinking of Bella. I had her for nine years before she passed away from cancer. Bella was the most loyal companion and always there for me no matter what. I had a lot of emotional turmoil during her time.

And she was wicked smart and was a rockstar food stealer. She would literally open up pizza boxes when you weren’t looking, close them and go sit in the corner looking all innocent as you realized, “I didn’t eat this much. Where did it go?”

She was super lazy too. On the weekends she would sleep until 10 am (when I had been up since 7) and come downstairs doing am yoga stretches. She was amazing! I miss her. 🙂

Plus she liked to hang with the ladies and gossip. 🙂


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