Metabolism aside, do you know anyone who seems to be able to eat whatever he or she wants and not gain any weight? Here are a few reasons why and how you can benefit from their lifestyle.

Your job can have a big impact on your health.

For instance, if you work at an office chances are you’re sitting at your desk for eight hours a day. But if you work a more active job, such as retail, farming or hospitality, you’re on your feet all day consistently burning calories. So if you work a more sedentary job, make a point to move more. Set an alarm on your phone and get up and walk for five minutes every hour. Set up a fitness challenge with some colleagues over your lunch hour and power walk outside or simply walk the stairs. You can also invest in a workstation that allows you to stand or sit on an exercise ball instead of a traditional chair.

Where you live plays a major role in how much energy you burn throughout the day.

Do you live in the city where you walk everywhere? Or do you live in the suburbs or a rural area where your car is your best friend? If so, get in the habit of being more active. Park in the last spot at the mall or grocery store, walk on the treadmill while you’re watching your favorite reality show, take the stairs, etc. These seemingly simple changes will add up over time. You can even invest in a Fitbit-type device or download an app on your phone to track your steps. Aim for 10,000 steps per day.

Exercise with your doggy.

Anyone who has ever owned a pup knows that she or he needs to be walked several times daily. Make sure you carve out time every day to exercise with your doggy and/or alone. Go for a walk in your neighborhood after dinner, join a gym or take a fun exercise class with some friends.

Be sure to monitor where you eat.

Eating on the couch while mindlessly watching Netflix, will likely result in you overindulging in excess calories. Instead, make a point to eat at your kitchen table with portioned plated servings, creating a relaxed environment. Individuals who cook more and eat out sparingly consume far less calories. And with a few simple lifestyle tweaks you’ll be looking lean in no time.

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