Maybe you want to lose a few pounds, tone up for an upcoming vacation, or get a jumpstart on your New Year’s resolution before the holiday splurge. Perhaps you even think that once you reach this goal you’ll finally meet Mr. Right, get your dream job or dare I say be happy. Trust me I’ve been there too, but the best advice anyone ever gave me was it all starts with the right attitude!

In other words, you don’t need to lose those last 5-10 lbs. to reach your life goals. Start rocking the life you want today and once you do all of your wellness and life goals will fall into place. Think about it, if you walk into the gym with a smile excited to kick-butt at a new class, you’re going to have a much better workout than if you get on the same old cardio machine bored out of your mind.

On another note, that hot prospect you’re interested in is going to be a lot more attracted to your confident personality than your waist line. I understand some days are easier than others, but if you follow a tip or two below rocking what you’ve got will become second nature in no time.

Highlight your best qualities. Sit down and make a list of all the wonderful things about yourself and your life. What have you accomplished? Are you a phenomenal friend, daughter, mother, etc.? What are your favorite features (you’ve got some!)? What qualities best describe you? What do you love about your life? Now hang this inspiring list so you see it first thing every day, like on your bathroom mirror or car visor.

Start your day by reciting a positive affirmation (I am a rockstar!). Affirmations can help you accomplish goals, change behaviors or change your “story” (things we repeatedly tell ourselves or were told by others that contribute to a negative self-perception, like I’m not pretty or smart enough). Remember you are what you think about most and your past does not define your future.

Hang quotes that inspire you (or by people that inspire you) around your house, in your car, work space, etc.

My stylist sister Tracy Clifford always encourages her clients to “dress for success” because the right clothes can bring out the right attitude. Look if you’re having a “fat day” and you walk around in baggy sweats you’re 100 percent going to feel worse. Instead throw on a little lipstick, a slimming outfit and accessorize with your favorite shoes, jewelry or bag.

And most importantly anytime you need a boost just look into your dog’s eyes. He or she already knows that you are a true rockstar!

Now what are you waiting for?! Go rock out what you got, Rockstar Doggy Momma style!

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