How many of you love to hit the snooze button? Or better yet, purposely set your alarm early to enjoy an extra few minutes of snooze? Although many of us are guilty of this practice, studies suggest that it can negatively impact your entire day.

Ideally, strive for 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night. About two hours before your body is going to wake, it prepares itself by cooling your core temperature so you’re more alert when your alarm goes off. Some of you may even notice that you naturally arise at a set time each morning. But if you hit the snooze button, your body and mind get confused. Is it time to get up? Are we still supposed to be sleeping? As a result an extra 10, 20 or even 30 minutes of snooze, make you more drowsy and foggy, which can last for hours. Moreover, if you are dealing with sleep deprivation, hitting the snooze button can be even more problematic because you are more likely to fall back asleep at the beginning of your sleep cycle. This kicks in hormones that encourage sleep so you will feel sleep deprived all day long.

Therefore, when the alarm goes off immediately hop out of bed and let your feet hit the floor. Next, grab a glass of water with a ½ lemon juiced. This will give you energy and hydration after a long night’s sleep. If you can get yourself on a regular sleep cycle (bed at 10, up at 6), you will have the most energy to power through your day.

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