Sweet Pawtato Pancakes

By Rockstar Doggy MommaDog Food Recipes, Recipes

I love cooking healthy alternatives for my family to enjoy, especially when I can share the meal with Gatsby and Daisy. These pancakes make a great breakfast or meal side. I used turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties, but it pairs well with other spices and herbs.

Gingerbread Woofies

By Rockstar Doggy MommaDog Food Recipes

Gingerbread reminds me of the holidays and Grandma’s kitchen. This recipe is a perfect holiday treat for your pup. It is also great to make at other times of the year for doggies who have digestive issues. Gatsby gets car sick and ginger has been super helpful when we travel long distances.

Pupcorn Recipe

By Rockstar Doggy MommaDog Food Recipes, Recipes

Who doesn’t love popcorn, when you’re chilling at home with your pup and catching up on your Netflix? Air popped popcorn is a great snack for Mommas and in moderation—without the extra butter and salt—can be a healthy treat for your pup. Plus, these herbs hold lots of great medicinal properties for your pup. Rosemary … Read More