Making a Healthier Burger

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Building a more health conscious burger begins with selecting a smart protein. You always want to buy the best meat that you can afford. Ideally, choose grass-fed or organic selections, but if it’s not economical, you can still make better choices for yourself and your family. Ditch the processed fast-food burgers and buy some at … Read More

Steps to Take Care of Your Health

By Rockstar Doggy MommaHealthy Recipes

Here are a few ways to improve your health as you age: The consistency of exercise is super important, but you need to be sure to get in both cardio and strength training. Cardio adds years to your life, while strength training adds life to your years. Cardio is great for heart health and keeping … Read More

One of My Favorite Quinoa Recipes

By Rockstar Doggy MommaHealthy Recipes

Quinoa is a super versatile food that is easily digestible. It’s full of protein so it can serve as the main component of your meal (with lots of veggies of course). But it’s also a great side dish to complement poultry and fish instead of the usual rice, pasta or potatoes.  It’s a great replacement for … Read More