Coconut Hair Mask

By Rockstar Doggy MommaWellness Advice

Coconut oil hairs masks! I LOVE doing this and I am sure lots of you ladies do too (or are going to once you start)! Seriously they leave your hair feeling so soft, hydrated and smooth! So what do you do? Take a big spoonful of coconut oil & rub it between your hands. Start threading it through … Read More

Loving Yourself

By Rockstar Doggy MommaWellness Advice

Working on yourself is extremely important. The truth is that you must first love yourself before you can love another. Us women can be so hard on ourselves, doubting ourselves on so many things “too fat”, “not clever enough”, “too small” how about lets cut all off that out and start embracing our individuality!! Focusing … Read More

September: A Whole New You

By Rockstar Doggy MommaWellness Advice

Growing up I would always get reinvigorated as September rolled in and the autumn leaves began to change. It represented not only a new school year, but a new chance to reinvent myself.  I recently saw an article in New York Magazine called September Is Your Second-Chance January and it made me think that as … Read More

Is Alcohol Good For My Dog?

By Rockstar Doggy MommaDoggy Tips

Beer, liquor and wine can be harmful to your dog because alcohol has the same effect on a dog’s liver and brain that it does on yours. The only difference is it takes far less to do its damage. In a dog alcohol can cause vomiting, diarrhea, central nervous system damage, depression, problems with coordination, … Read More

My Favorite Meditation App

By Rockstar Doggy MommaWellness Advice

Meditation is important. Our minds are so go, go, go, all the time that it is important to take time to calm the thoughts & just breathe. Calm is an amazing mindfulness meditation app that I love and use all the time. I suggest you try it to help guide you through simple meditations & help … Read More

Healthy Snacking 101

By Rockstar Doggy MommaHealthy Recipes

As RDMs (Rockstar Doggy Mommas) we’re all busy ladies with a long checklist to accomplish in any given day. And in order to rock our day to the fullest, we need to stay energized. Do you ever “forget to eat” and then look at the clock to find it’s already mid-afternoon?! Remember to keep your … Read More