When I traveled to Hawaii over the holiday I had an Ah-Ha revelation. I am always so busy trying to record the moment that I routinely miss out on experiencing the moment. Can any of you relate?

This is something I have contemplated on and off for years since social media became a way of life. For instance, rather than actually enjoying the concert, I am focused on trying to get a perfect picture of JLo to share with my friends.

Therefore, I decided to do a little experiment. Instead of documenting everything, I was committed to living in the moment. Here is what I discovered.

On New Year’s Eve, I celebrated at a beach party with my family. While I did of course take a few photos for our memory book, my iPhone stayed tucked away in my purse for much of the evening. When it was time for the fireworks, unlike my fellow party goers, I sat back and enjoyed the show. It was honestly the most beautiful display I ever saw, colorful sparklers of all shapes and sizes exploding over the Pacific Ocean with the waves crashing on the shore one after another. It was a sight that never would have measured up my digital camera.

The following day, I arranged a helicopter tour of the Big Island. I took note of my prior experience and spent a good portion of the flight with my iPhone safely at my side. My favorite part of the tour was flying into a lush green valley to see the magnificent waterfalls. I literally had tears in my eyes as we flew past all of Momma Nature’s creations. Again, I never would have had such a magical experience if my focus was on getting the perfect photo.

This taught me a great lesson. While it is wonderful to document the special moments in your life, these moments are first and foremost to be lived. The memories I now have cataloged in my mind would not have been possible without living in the moment.

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